Liz Grear
Aimee Stahlberg
Jeff Toth

Keith Kohlmann
Aimee Stahlberg
Jeff Toth

Design and Layout
Aimee Stahlberg

Color logoStorycatchers Theatre
Meade Palidofsky, Artistic Director
Nancy McCarty, Executive Director
Aimee Stahlberg, Program Manager
Justin Callis, Music Director
Myron Silberstein, Composer
Cydney Cleveland, Technical Director
Rachel Hauben Combs, Grants Administrator
Jackie Egger, Business Manager

columbiaColumbia College Chicago
Department of Creative Writing
Fiction Writing Program

Matthew Shenoda, Chair
Liz Grear, Head Writing Instructor
Jeff Toth, Assistant Writing Instructor
Alexis Pride, Faculty Advisor
Cynthium Johnson-Woodfolk, FWD Outreach Coordinator

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